64 Minute Erg

January 23, 2017

Ugh, today was a super long day… Firstly, rowing was absolutely dreadful, completing a 64 minute workout and a custom 14 minute warmup. Secondly, in science, we covered so much content I am so confused, and can’t study for the test on Friday. Hopefully things will clear up on Wednesday. And uh, French, well you know, it’s French - i.e. a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, my class has our course selection information session in our math class that should be fun. I already know what I’m going to take for next year.

I just found out that at Upper Canada College, Y1 and Y2 students don’t get to vote for Head Steward in the preliminary ballot. I feel it’s unfair. Look, we are in the senior division next year, and the decision of head stewards will affect us.

Oh well, enough with the rant’s… Hopefully I will get something better to post about next time…