Busy Week

January 26, 2017

This week and next week I’ve got so many tests. I have Science tomorrow (Friday), History on Monday, French on Tuesday, and Math on Wednesday. It’s sooooo much information to learn, it’s going to be hard to retain. Hopefully it all goes well!

Yesterday, I found out that President Donald Trump actually wanted to go ahead with his wall idea. Holy smokes! Let’s see how that goes… #MAGA

While I’m writing this blog post, we are “studying” for our history essay test. Essay tests are horrible because you need to write a full, 5 paragraph essay in 45 minutes. Woah! Last time we did an essay tests I just made the time limit.

On top of this, I have rowing everyday, so it will be hard to study and review for P1 tests. I might need to leave rowing a little early, or hopefully not, but just not go to rowing.