Injury :(

February 09, 2017

So this past week was awesome! Last week I did not have class on Wednesday, Thursday was a half day, Friday was no school and then this week on Tuesday I had World Affairs Conference which I did not attend. Ugh, well that was a nice full break but now it is back to hard work and for the push in all other aspects of school life.

I have unfortunately injured myself once again in the back area rowing last week. On Tuesday morning, my back started to hurt which caused a lot of pain in the lower back area while erging - rowing machine. That afternoon, I went to the doctor along with an x-ray to be re-checked up to see if everything was okay. The x-ray showed no conclusive results about my injury but it did show up that I had a little muscle injury. I went back to rowing on the Wednesday, which again was probably bad for my back. Surprisingly after my rowing on Wednesday, nothing happened, so I assumed that it was nothing major and my back had surprisingly fixed itself. On Thursday assuming everything was okay, I went back to rowing, and almost immediately into the practice, my back started hurting again. Then I went to the doctor and I was told that I wouldn’t be able to row for a while. Well, now I am injured for 3-6 weeks which will be horrible.